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August 6, 2019
How Legacy Hospital Nurse Call Systems Have Evolved
August 6, 2019

5.10.18 blog imageNurses are undeniably the backbone of the hospital. For the last 16 years, nursing has held the highest position on Gallup’s annual survey of the public’s trust in occupation—high above positions such as doctors, lawyers, pharmacists and bankers. And that trust is well-deserved: nurses tend to patients’ wounds, administer medications, educate patients about medical tests and treatments, celebrate births and remarkable recoveries, and provide comfort for those facing disappointing news or hard decisions.

But nursing is also a challenging profession: in addition to the long hours and fast-paced environment, nurses can also face obstacles such as inadequate staffing and difficult patients. Moreover, necessary regulations related to quality improvement, patient safety, data capture and technology integration mean a nurse’s day-to-day workflow is intense. Studies reveal that nurses are at a high risk for sleep disorders, depression and other diseases.

Research shows that happier nurses mean happier and safer patients. Improving the patient experience and prioritizing patient safety begins with nurse satisfaction. When nurses feel empowered and satisfied with their jobs, the quality of care they provide improves. Help improve nurses’ job satisfaction at your facility with these three strategies.

  1. Resolve staffing challenges. Nurses are often assigned to multiple patients in their unit, in addition to non-nursing related tasks such as fetching pillows for patients, completing paperwork, or even cleaning patient rooms. Multiple studies reveal that patients feel more positively about their hospital experience with more patient-to-nurse interactions.
  2. Overcome Staffing Hurdles. With Amplion’s Care Insight, nurse managers can access data to evaluate their staffing needs and balance nursing unit workloads. This powerful data analytics platform can help adjust the skillsets of employees to ensure nurses aren’t bogged down by non-nursing patient demands.
  3. Update technology. Nurses are constantly challenged with outdated technology and software that makes their jobs even harder. Take nurse call systems, for instance: the outdated electrical wiring is based on legacy technology from the 1970’s. The limited capabilities and settings create inefficiency and even fatigue. However, our Amplion Care Assurance platform can help you update your technology to a next-generation nurse call system, complete with messaging capabilities and alarm management. We’re committed to empowering nurses and helping them harness technology to improve the delivery of care.
  4. Praise top performers. While nursing is a rewarding and fulfilling job, a simple thank-you from a superior can go a long way toward helping nurses feel more appreciated. Write about an employee’s accomplishment in the hospital’s newsletter, treat a nurse to a cup of specialty coffee on a break, or recognize team members who have gone above and beyond during a meeting.

At Amplion, we believe that nurses are the backbone of the hospital and we celebrate the work they do to provide high-quality patient care in hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world. We’re dedicated to making their jobs easier with our Care Assurance platform which helps improve communication and collaboration.

To learn how Amplion helps hospitals alleviate staff burnout, improve nurse satisfaction and improve the patient experience, schedule a free 15-minute consultation to discuss how we can help your hospital. Click here to learn more.

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