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August 20, 2019
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August 26, 2019

patient satisfactionThe healthcare market is competitive. As consumers take more control of their healthcare decisions, they’re being more selective in who they choose to provide care and where they go to receive it. That’s why it is more important than ever for hospitals to focus on improving the patient experience. Hospitals that produce higher patient experience scores are more successful than hospitals that don’t.

At the 2018 Patient Experience Conference in Chicago, The Beryl Institute revealed key findings from its inaugural consumer study exploring consumer viewpoints on healthcare. The study engaged 2,000 respondents from five countries, representing four continents. The purpose? To understand, measure and improve the patient and family experience.

Of greatest importance to consumers, The Beryl Institute says, is “how they are connected with as human beings with a focus on listening, communicating clearly, and being treated with dignity and respect.”

Amplion is dedicated to helping hospitals improve the patient experience. With our Care Assurance platform we are revitalizing the way hospitals deliver care—by giving nurses and other clinicians better tools to meet patient needs. According to The Beryl Institute’s research, 71 percent of respondents said that listening is extremely important, and 63 percent of respondents said they want to know their pain is being taken seriously.

With the Amplion’s Care Assurance platform, patients never have to worry about delayed care. Our advanced messaging functionality allows clinical caregivers easy communication regarding their availability to respond to a patient need. If the caregiver is occupied with another patient, Amplion ensures engagement of other team members, so patient receives the timely care needed. Messages are communicated using simultaneous visual and audible methodologies and tools, enhancing the consistency of response to the patient and pain management. In addition, the system provides a central location for monitoring all Amplion-related clinical activity.

The Patient Experience Consumer Study 2018
Source: The Patient Experience Consumer Study 2018: Insights and Opportunities for Action, The Beryl Institute.

Plus, Amplion’s alarm management capabilities integrate and triage in-room clinical device alarms with pre-determined escalation protocols—messaging the caregiver with the appropriate skillset, to ensure that patients receive care quickly and avoid a patient safety event. Defined through clinical expertise, alarms are filtered with wait times to reduce non-actionable alarms and alarm fatigue. Our advanced alarm management functionality also helps eliminate the confusion and chaotic hallway noise, a top complaint among patients, visitors and employees on HCAHPS surveys.

When hospitals use Amplion Care Assurance, patients notice the difference in the care they receive. For example, during a webinar in 2018, the Chief Nursing Officer at Morgan Memorial Hospital in Madison, Georgia, shared how implementing Care Assurance has led to a quicker nurse response time, a quieter environment and enhanced care assurance for family members.

To ask questions of our technical team and find out how Amplion can help your facility improve the patient experience, click here.

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