We have two products to help you solve daily issues you face as clinicians and hospital staff: Amplion Care Assurance and Amplion Insight.

Amplion’s Care Assurance platform is a combination of smart technology and clinical workflow optimization that creates true accountability for quality patient outcomes. Care Assurance includes the following:

Part of the Amplion Nurse Call System

  • Nurse Call                             
  • Alarm Management
  • Alerts
  • Monitoring
Amplion Care Assurance

Amplion Care Insight is a powerful data analytics platform that enables quality data analysis and staff review, including the ability to drill down to individual patient room and caregiver level. This gives you opportunities to make data-driven decisions that improve the care you provide for patients.

Below are just a few of the benefits of Care Insight.

Track Progress Toward Care Goals

Using the Quality Scorecard Report, clinical leaders can quickly get data on overall unit performance against established goals and protocols like phone compliance or rounding reminders.

Evaluate Individual Caregiver Performance

The Quality Scorecard Report also allows you to drill down and see performance metrics at the individual caregiver level to pinpoint specific opportunities for improvement and coaching.

Evaluate Care Activity by Room

Amplion’s Room Activity Report delivers data on the level of alarm and messaging activity by room. This report can be used to improve staff workflow and workload. Like the Quality Scorecard, clinical leaders can drill down to see exactly what is happening in individual rooms.