The Smart(er) Patient Room Of The Future
July 23, 2019
Heading Off a Nursing Shortage at the Pass
August 6, 2019

nurse super hero.jpgNot all heroes wear capes—some wear scrubs and a stethoscope. It’s no secret that nurses are superheroes, juggling a multitude of life-saving duties during every shift without breaking a sweat. Not only do they perform physical exams, talk to patients about medical histories and health education, and administer medications, but they also coordinate care with other medical professionals, comfort grieving family members, and reassure scared patients.

However, like every superhero, nurses have their own kryptonite: outdated technology. Take the old outdated version of the nurse call system, for example: The complicated system of electrical wiring is based on legacy technology from the 1970s. Its limited reporting capabilities and simple dome light settings create inefficiency and “light fatigue” among even the most skilled nurses. Add to that the technological silos and lack of interoperability between the multiple bedside machines, and nurses are constantly challenged with software and solutions that make their jobs even harder.

Fortunately, an emerging set of technologies may be just the tool these heroic nurses need to improve communication, care coordination and patient outcomes. Gartner calls this set of technologies the “Real-time Health System ” (RTHS). Our RTHS, Amplion’s Care Assurance platform, can improve patient and staff communication, all while delivering valuable real-time data and analytics. How’s that for a superpower boost?

At Amplion, we’re committed to empowering nurses to be the best defenders at their facility. The Amplion Care Assurance platform combines the key features of the RTHS and takes patient care to the next level. Our care assurance platform collects data at the patient’s bedside and inputs that information into an integrated reporting and analytics portal that produces comprehensive, colorful visual data reports. Leveraging these reports, hospitals have the tools they need to better manage clinical teams, improve accountability, and close communication and care loops with patients. Our interoperable solution helps nurse leaders harness point-of-care data to improve the efficiency and delivery of care.

If you want to know the cost of outdated technology to your hospital, staff and patient care, talk to one of our sales team today by clicking here.

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