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February 18, 2019
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June 17, 2019


At Amplion, we’re excited about the opportunities and new beginnings that this year has brought, but we also recognize that the year doesn’t come without challenges.

For instance, last November voters headed to the polls with healthcare at the top of their minds. The Democratic party reclaimed the House majority for the first time in eight years, leading to a split Congress and an unpredictable healthcare landscape. In December, Moody’s Investor Services released a report suggesting that not-for-profit hospitals will continue to see expenses outpace revenue in 2019, meaning hospitals will experience even narrower margins than they have in the past. Leveraging clinical data and analytics and improving operational effectiveness are expected to bubble up on healthcare leaders’ priority lists, according to the Health Care Executive Group (HCEG)’s “2019 Top 10” list, a comprehensive list of opportunities, challenges and issues facing healthcare executives. Staffing is another pain point: Nearly 31 percent of hospital leaders say they can’t find enough candidates to fill open positions and nearly 700,000 nurses are projected to retire or leave the nursing profession by 2024.

Challenges like these can seem insurmountable, and technology upgrades may not be the first solution you think of. But investing in advanced health IT technology can help hospitals improve efficiency, reduce costs, drive better patient outcomes, improve staff satisfaction and much more. According to a 2017 report from Deloitte titled, “The Uncertain Road Ahead: Could Technology Offer Hospitals Relief From Increasing Margin Pressures?” healthcare could look different in the future “if organizations prioritize the adoption of disruptive technologies that help them achieve more for less.”

Take nurse call communications systems, for example. In the paper, “Is Nurse Call Still Necessary?” Gartner analyst Barry Runyon questions the role of traditional nurse call systems in today’s hospitals. “Nurse call, as it stands today, is not uniquely positioned to meet the needs of evolving care delivery models and patient experience requirements,” he writes. However, advanced nurse call vendors like Amplion are meeting the evolving needs of hospitals and healthcare organizations with innovative technologies that take patient satisfaction seriously.

At Amplion, we believe hospitals who invest in next-generation nurse call communications systems will see a clinical and financial return on investment. As Amplion President and CEO Lee Clark said, “Amplion has an innovative product that has evolved into a complete nurse call and analytics platform. That, combined with our passionate team, makes us uniquely positioned to solve the challenges hospitals face and ultimately improve patient care.” With Amplion Care Assurance Platform—a communications platform that combines next-generation nurse call, messaging and care coordination capabilities, and alarm management—hospitals can improve quality and outcomes, while also streamlining operations and reducing costs. Plus, Amplion’s Care Insight reporting portal gives hospital leaders actionable data within five minutes of occurrence to track care goals, evaluate caregiver performance and care activity, balance clinical workflows, and discover patient safety issues. Amplion’s cutting-edge technology is cost-effective and easy to use, maintain and upgrade. We make it easy to maximize your ROI.

Is 2019 the year your hospital is going to invest in updated technology? Give us a call to schedule a demo.

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