CNO / RN / Unit Director

CNO/RN Manager/Unit Director

We can help solve some of your daily pain points…

Reducing falls

Amplion Care Assurance is designed to help you with initiatives such as fall reduction. Through monitoring bed exit, fall pad and toilet fall pad alarms, you can reduce fall risks in your hospital. Our very first customer reported a 65 percent decrease in patient falls and no falls with serious injury for five years.

Optimizing staffing communication and reducing care fatigue

With handheld devices and hallway monitors visualizing patient care needs throughout the unit, you can improve communication within your team. In addition, reports can help you view patient demand in each room and optimize staff assignments. If you have a patient who is frequently requesting help, you can balance patient workload to improve staff satisfaction and reduce care fatigue.

Measuring response times to increase patient satisfaction

Caregivers are automatically notified of patient needs through smart technology (that matches the right credentials to the patient need- such as a medication request) to accelerate care delivery. If that clinician is busy, the patient need is automatically communicated to the appropriate team of caregivers. The system will track the patient need until the care is delivered in the patient room, and you will be able see results through reports to measure performance.

Enabling service recovery

With Amplion Care Assurance, you will have easy-to-use reports to address customer complaints or concerns.