Amplion Care Analysis

Amplion Care Analysis


Amplion’s clinical team has identified three main areas where healthcare facilities struggle: inability to monitor and measure performance, difficulty quantifying patient and unit demand, and the need to leverage existing investments. Amplion is pleased to offer intuitive data and reports to our customers through our "Care Analysis" analytics engine to help address these challenges. Click here to download a brochure.

Room Activity Report

The Room Activity Report displays all alerts, messages, reminders, and notifications in the room on a day-to-day basis. Clinical managers can quickly identify patients with the highest and/or lowest amount of activity within the room and may filter between departments. A high amount of a specific activity type may also cue clinicians to further investigate possible patient needs in a room.

Round Compliance

Using the Round Compliance Report, you can quickly obtain data on overall unit performance against established rounding goals and protocols. The report breaks days into segments and determines the rounding status for each segment. Clinicians tend to look at the red rooms first and use this information to adjust staffing to meet patients’ needs.

Quality Scorecard

The Quality Scorecard Report compiles performance metrics at both the organizational and individual caregiver level. It allows your organization to specify target response times for every event and monitor performance. The report also allows you to drill-down to see metrics at the individual caregiver level to pinpoint specific opportunities for improvement and coaching. Clinical staff use this report to mentor individuals who received poor scores and to give kudos to the staff who are high performing.

Real-Time Locating Response Time Report

The Response Time Report provides average response times based on when a message is sent to a device, when the staff member enters the room, and when the alarm is cleared since being in the room. Additionally, this report provides a timeline that effectively shows the relationship between staff members’ response times and the amount of time that passed before alarms were canceled.