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August 16, 2018
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hospitaladminWhen it comes to purchasing a new nurse call system, it’s easy to focus on meeting the needs of the clinical team. But nurses aren’t the only hospital employees who care about the nurse call system. Hospital facility directors are also vested in the purchasing or decision-making team at most healthcare facilities.

Hospital facility directors are typically responsible for overseeing the physical operations of a healthcare organization. Here’s what sets the Amplion’s Care Assurance Platform apart from competitors, and why hospital facility directors prefer Amplion.

>  Amplion’s technology is built for the future. Healthcare facility directors value standardization, consistency and interoperability. Traditional nurse call systems are unwieldy and outdated, with electrical wiring based on legacy technology from the 1970s and 1980s. However, unlike traditional nurse call systems, the Amplion’s Care Assurance platform is a software-based system that uses standard commercial  infrastructure. We use industry-standard wiring and can hook into any system already in place. But that’s not the case with other nurse call systems.

>  It doesn’t break the budget. Let’s face it: Nurse call systems are expensive. And dated nurse call platforms are costing hospitals even more money as systems begin to fail, putting rooms out of service and making it difficult and expensive to find replacement parts.

Hospital facility directors care about cost, and they want to know that the nurse call system the hospital is purchasing is going to last for the long haul. Amplion’s software can be updated remotely, without requiring hospital resources to update the system onsite. This intelligent software also makes support a snap, as Amplion’s team can monitor and identify any issues remotely. Amplion also offers plug-and-play devices, easily ordered and delivered for ease of maintenance.

Additional cost savings come from Amplion’s direct sales approach, which eliminates the cost of middleman distributors.  And as the Amplion’s Care Assurance platform has messaging, alarm management and analytics reporting built into the software, the need for middleware and external reporting is eliminated.

Ready to learn more about Amplion Alert’s Care Assurance Platform? If you want to know the cost of outdated technology to your hospital, staff and patient care, talk to one of our technical specialists today.

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