3 Ways You Can Improve Safety in the Patient Care Experience
August 20, 2019
How Amplion Enhances the Patient Care Delivery Experience
August 26, 2019

Is it time to update your nurse call system? Here are five signs it’s time to upgrade:

  1. Your Current System Is Hardware-Based.
    Many legacy nurse call systems are cumbersome and dated with electrical wiring that relies on third-party middleware in order to work. Today’s next-generation nurse call communications systems are often software-based technologies that are agile and adaptive and exceed UL 1069 standards. With software-based systems, you can build upon your system’s functionality as your hospital’s needs change, and the system can more easily integrate with your IT network and existing technologies.
  2. Your Hospital Is Planning A Renovation.
    As hospitals and healthcare facilities renovate to address changes in how healthcare is provided, it’s important to make sure your technology and equipment is up to-date. Adding a next-generation nurse call communications system to new or renovated units in the hospital will increase efficiency.
  3. Your Current System Is A Barrier Rather Than A Tool To Improving Clinical Performance.
    Cost means you need to provide tools that help caregivers work more efficiently and improve patient care delivery. Research from Gartner indicates that new nurse call capabilities are available now, incorporating functions such as messaging, alarm management and real-time reporting.
  4. Your Nurses Experience Alarm Fatigue.
    Most bedside medical devices are alarm-equipped. Depending on the hospital unit, the number of clinical alerts per patient per day can result in thousands of alarm signals on every unit and tens of thousands throughout the hospital. The result? Alarm fatigue, a sensory overload when clinicians are exposed to multiple alarms. The Joint Commission has identified alarm management as a patient safety goal, meaning hospitals must take measures to reduce unnecessary alarms in order to receive or maintain accreditation.¹ Finding a nurse call communications system that can integrate with bedside medical devices and prioritize and direct alarms to the correct care team members can help reduce unnecessary alarms and alarm fatigue.
  5. You Need Data Insights Into Patient Room Activity. 
    Next-generation nurse call communications systems capture real-time analytics that provide insights into rounding compliance, caregiver response time, pain management—and help clinical leaders make staffing adjustments in real-time to help deliver high-quality patient care.

How Amplion Can Help

At Amplion, we’re dedicated to providing technology that helps hospitals revolutionize patient communications and care through our Care Assurance platform. 

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  1. The Joint Commission, “National Patient Safety Goals” Effective January 2018
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